While doing nothing, I wish to declare the following:

– “Free Ride” is the most half-assed attempt at a comedy pilot since “Emily’s Reasons Why Not.” It’s like when your least creative friend offers you a short story and says “Dude, read it and tell me how good it is” when you’re 14. When was the last time a new series came on Fox and you didn’t hear about it 2 months in advance? Exactly. That’s why it’s terrible. My friends’ intense older brother told me once, “You reap what you sow,”

– Scary Movie 4 has no parodies of actual scary movies.

– “South Park” and “Family Guy” are having a Beef. It’s only funny as long as its a joke. Beefs are so 1997 that now there’s a DVD series about them.

– Little Einstein, while generally educational and fun, focuses on classical music and art way more than toddlers can really appreciate. For that matter, more than their parents appreciate – I suppose it’s just all fancy-pants if your kid knows about staccatto and adaggio but really is he any smarter?

– Proof (of Eminem’s D12 crew) is dead and everyone is sad. Except he shot some dude in the head immediately before he himself was shot and killed. Whoops. Instant karma just got you, Playa.