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Home of the original Jay Gatsby

A friend send me these two pictures of a barbershop in Detroit from many years ago called “We Be Cuttin Hair (and stuff)”. It’s a great name and the storefront art is pretty amazing also.

He also sent me the less awesome Google Street view pic of what’s there now.

The weekend was made whole by two people – Greg and Kevin. Greg is this insane naturalist who was maybe the definition of “extreme” and Kevin was the topic of conversation for the whole weekend. Sorry for the shortness, but it’s time to see the city of Seattle.

The sign on the menu at Longhorns.

Skiing is amazing here. The view is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and photographs don’t really convey the essence of it. I feel pretty lucky to be on vacation and the people I’m with are pretty interesting. One guy I’m with has done 100-mile marathons and has biked from Alaska to the tip of South America and another woman regularly competes in dragon boat competitions. More pictures to follow. Posted by Picasa

I’m here in Seattle and having a great time. They do things a little differently out here, but I like their style. Observe:

If you live in a shopping cart, people here take care to actually bike lock it to something so as not to lose it.

Also, half of a Superman figure was in the basket. Don’t ask.

People make out all over the place as well.

It really is quite a beautiful place. Even that needle thing is pretty cool. Skiing tomorrow.

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I met my future employers and coworkers this weekend in New York. Some observations on my assimilation into the corporate world and New York:

– I bought a rolly suitcase. It actually is much easier to get around with than any other type of luggage, even if you do look like a tool.

– The lack of smoking in NYC bars is fantastic. And as annoying as seems, clubs which maintain male/female ratios are much more fun to be in than those in Chicago.

– Future consultants use “value proposition” constantly and excessively.

The wall over the toilet at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. I especially like the cat. Posted by Picasa


A shot of the bar at The Darkroom in Chicago. Good fun on Tuesdays. Posted by Picasa