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There is also a huge group of black people going to Tel-Aviv in front of me. Yahweh saw fit to cancel half of their reservations without notice.

My flight is delayed and I’m drinking with old British ladies at the bar. There is also a guy with a handlebar mustache, a woman shitfaced on white wine with her kids, and some Nordic junkies. The world is a strange place.

I am about to leave for Europe. In line with me at the check-in desk is a large group of loud eurotrash Italians. Two of them look like Yanni. Also there is a group going to Jamaica and they all have smiles on their faces.

The Air-India desk is staffed with white people. Everyone in line has about 5 times their own weight in luggage. Why can my people not pack? Also, traditional Indian clothes are not designed for Chicago winters.

I hope there is a bar in the gate area.