The part of being abroad that really sucks is when people start to ask you what is going on with the government. “People must realize what a tyrant Bush is, right? People must see that he’s only inciting more violence against the US, right? Who exactly is voting for him?” These questions are difficult to answer as a representative and citizen of the United States of America.

My uncle and I were discussing the administration after my cousin and I saw Syriana (It sucked. No plot. Could have been much much better. Stupid liberals always fucking up the right story…..) and he started in with the Katrina business. I agreed with what he said, probably even before he said anything. The worst part was when he compared the American public to that of the USSR or China.

He said “In communist countries, it was obvious that if you spoke out or questioned the actions of the government, you would be hurt or killed. No one had any allusions about that. However in America, questioning the government seems to be grounds for being called un-American and thusly the people seem to be cowed into complacency. No one seems to care about national issues or vote in your country at all. It is actually a much worse situation than a populace under a dictator when the people censor themselves.”

Fuck, man. What am I supposed to say to that?