Some pics from the last few days:

Chinatown in London. This was a great evening where we did some barhopping in SoHo and Leicester Square. Randomly enough, I bumped into a bunch of people who were from Detroit.

Neato sushi place with conveyer belt. Price is dictated by color of the plate.

Absolut Ice Bar – Walls, furniture, and glasses all made of ice and room was -5C. More interesting than good.

They still call them “Carphones” here and use the hectare. It’s like living in a time warp.

I’ve been riding the tube for about 2hrs a day and initially I found it a very interesting slice of life, but now I just am mad when I forget something to read and curse tourists. Mind the gap.

Some are spicy, some are not.

Went for full on English Afternoon Tea at the Landmark Hotel. Very elaborate and proper. They have something called clotted cream which tastes like butter but is clearly very bad for you. Also has a terrible name.