Yes fine – a lot of these are clearly from my formative musical days in the mid-90’s. I’m going to go with it until I run out of songs and make a sincere effort to post more recent stuff in the future. 2012 resolution or whatnot.

To create a zig for yesterday’s sweet-tuned zag, today’s song is angry. Rather, it’s the only album I listen to when I’m interested in listening to angry music, which thankfully is rare these days. From Helmet’s “Meantime” album from 1992 (which is solid all the way through), I picked “Unsung”, the only single from the record. It was a toss-up for me between this one and “In the Meantime “, which is just a fireball and also worth a listen as well.

Some back-story, famous-person Steve Albini recorded this record shortly after “Nevermind“, which was also mixed by the great Andy Wallace. They did not get along:

The song “In the Meantime” was recorded by Steve Albini and later remixed by Andy Wallace. The contrast between Wallace’s style of mixing, which involves (among other things) triggered samples (leading to the album’s distinctive half wood, half metal snare drum sound), and Albini’s style of recording, irritated Albini. Later, when in negotiations to recordNirvana‘s In Utero (album), he stipulated a clause be added to his contract stating that Wallace would not be allowed to remix the album, although he had mixed Nevermind, which came out a year before Meantime’s release. [From Wikipedia]

It’s hard to know what to make of this sort of thing. It always colors your experience somewhat. For example, I think this record is perfect, but to know the people who made it had problems with it is a downer. Kind of like Eddie Murphy talking about how much he and John Landis hated each other during “Coming to America“. Maybe it’s better not to know so much about the art we consume. Thanks a lot, The Internet.

Helmet – “Meantime” [Amazon]