I am a driving commuter for the first time in my life. I drive 45 minutes each way to work (on a good day) and generally arrive at my destination in a less than positive mood as a result.

Specifically, one driving behavior  really gets to me. I interpret this particular phenomenon to be the leading indicator of total societal unraveling: the late cut-in. This is when there is a long lineup for an exit and some room in the passing lanes, which inevitably leads to someone zooming to the end, and cutting in in front of everyone who has sat waiting.

Americans are particularly loyal to the line-up – it’s sort of the basic unit of fairness. Abroad I’ve often found (especially Europe) people will step in front of you if they feel they are in a bigger rush than you, but in the US, we take the line pretty seriously.

So this morning on the ramp between two interstates, someone cut in late in the long, slow line. At this point, it doesn’t really bother me anymore since it happens so much, I just wait for the “thank you hand wave” which never comes (seems more frequent in the Midwest).

But then something miraculous happens: a cop is planted on the grass next to the ramp and immediately waves the guy to pull over while yelling at him. I was, to say the least, ecstatic. I actually rolled the window down and yelled “Go cops!” Sometimes, there is justice. Not that often, though, but just for today, and in this small way.