I was called for jury duty this week in Boston, which means gathering early with the other potential jurors, hearing speeches about how important this civic obligation is, and drinking watery coffee from thick-accented Southie ladies.

Overall, the process was fairly well run, I would say. They were pretty organized and everything ran smoothly. I had a low number and they picked me for potential juror evaluation quickly, which was a lucky stroke.

When we got to the court room, the judge read out the case we would be hearing, and it was a barn-burner:

A Suffolk County grand jury today issued indictments against four people for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a Brighton man in an Allston apartment in an attempt to get drugs from him this past June.

Yeah. Turns out some hoppers decided to extort $5,000 from some guy who probably didn’t have it and in the process attempted to murder him, aggravatingly assaulted him, and committed arson and burned the guy later after they got the ransom money.

The courtroom had four defendants and they kept reading my name out loud when calling my juror name. These four defendants seemed like people I shouldn’t mess with and in some sense, I’m glad I didn’t get picked. But man, what a case.