I recently had a look at ManyMoons – a light project management tool in the theme of Basecamp, Lighthouse, etc. My quick notes below.

So it looks good (built in Rails?) and is responsive and easy to learn like Basecamp. This is not trivial to accomplish. BUT ease of use/learning comes at the expense of complexity and features

It lacks time tracking functionality, which is critical for our (and most) businesses. Not just from an invoicing perspective but also moderating productivity.

Also, file-sharing is lacking which is the reason Basecamp does well also. Where they fall down is searching and categorization of files, so they get lost. But file-sharing is critical.

Also, lacks email input to complement the output, again, like Basecamp.

Finally, there’s no overview like a gant, a calendar of the next month, etc. It works well as a light task manager, but it doesn’t work well for someone who is *managing* other people.

It’s important to decide which niche you want to go after when designing productivity tools. Is it productivity? Time tracking? Communications? Bug tracking? Collaboration? Each of these has a different featureset to consider.