Ok. I love the Acela service service on the Eastern seaboard. I generally think train travel could do with a major upgrade in the US. For example, between Chicago and Detroit, there is one track. In both directions. So if two trains need to pass each other while going in different directions, they need to do so at the stations only. Really. This means the train takes 6+ hrs and is not worth the cost ($30)

The Acela on the other hand, is somewhat faster than the regional train (NY-BOS is 3:30 vs 4:15hrs), miles more comfortable with a cafe car, foot room, electrical outlets, and very few delays. You pay a little over $100 but you eliminate delay risk completely.

If I’m traveling between NY and Boston and there is even a hint of weather issues, I take the train despite it probably adding a half hour onto the door-to-door trip length.

It’s the best. Please build more speedy trains.