Okay, so after much bitching I finally have seen some celebrities in NY, although oddly, only on the subway. I kind of assumed they took cabs everywhere but apparently the subway is even convenient for them.

First I saw Carson Kressley, aka The Queer Eye guy. This one was a weird sighting since it was all people trying to get to work by 9am and the train was packed. Dude was wearing so much pink he looked like a lawn flamingo with enormous sunglasses. Just a wild guess, but I don’t think he was trying to blend in.

Second, I saw Little Carmine Lupertazzi from the Sopranos, AKA Ray Abruzzo. I live near Little Italy so it spooked me to see faux Mafia types running around in the neighborhood. Then of course he got on the subway with me. I’m a big fan of the show (although its final episodes are really tanking quickly for some reason) so I wanted to grill him for spoilers but I didn’t. IMDB tells me he has been in shows like Trapper John, Riptide, Falcon Crest, and 21 Jump Street.

Finally (today) I saw Ajay Naidu, AKA Samir from “Office Space”. (Coincidentally, appeared in one episode of “The Sopranos”) This one was hilarious since I was on the subway and staring at him like I knew him from school or something and he noticed. We exchanged hellos and then I felt bad – I figure he’d probably want to be left alone. Of the three, he’s really the only one I would have wanted to talk to, largely about Office Space, but it seems like people largely leave famous folks alone in NY and that’s probably why they live here.

I’ll stop complaining now.