So I went to the nerd reunion and it was pretty great. Everybody seems to be doing well and has good lives – careers, marriages, kids, etc. The one thing I wouldn’t have predicted is the crash that it took for many people to get there. For this group, much more so than other people I know from school, it seems like many people seemed to have some sort of breakdown or very drastic reevaluation of their lives before they settled in on their current lives.

I think it makes sense in a way – when you raise kids under the guise of being the “smart” ones, an undue amount of pressure to succeed is going to come along with that, and when people realize they’re not going to make Supreme Court Justice, or really even *want* to, it can be a little rough. I know I definitely had several periods of reevaluation and I’m better for all of them.

All around, I feel happy to have seen so many of my old friends and they’re all doing so well.