I have, for some time, complained that I haven’t seen more famous people in New York. I have to admit, I like seeing them and for some reason I get really excited around famous people for no good reason. The city is meant to be chock full of them but somehow they hang out everywhere but where I go.

There is a sort of standard conversation which occurs among people who live here where you recant who you’ve seen and how different they were than you imagined. A small subset of people will respond to this conversation by listing a few people, then saying “whatever – no big deal” and then shrug. I hate these people.

So I was at the first day of a new project and after getting a general explanation of what the work was going to be like, I suggested we go for a bagel. On the way back from crossing the street from the bagel spot, cops appeared out of nowhere and started yelling. Then suburbans zoomed up and press photographers started snapping pictures. Out of one truck pops The Governator himself. I stood there dumbfounded with my poppy seed and dairy breakfast and possibly jaw open.

Apparently he was there to discuss energy initiatives with his new pal Mike Bloomberg, probably having mirthful money fights at the end. True to The Conversation, I have to say he’s much shorter than I would have expected, and its not clear from the pictures but his head is enormous. Anyhow, that’s all.