Dear Loyal-ish readers:

Despite your worst assumptions, all is well here in APland. I disappeared abroad to do some training and made some fun international friends. Now I’m back and doing a pretty fun non-profit project in my first for-real work thing. Also, I moved this weekend to my new apt and its a total tornado as of right now and way smaller than what I’m used to. That’s sort of a lot, but nothing so interesting as to be worthy of blogging about. Also, hilarious stuff happens at work, but I’m sworn to secrecy so no leaks there. Sorry.

Aside from that, I’m going to get my camera fixed and return the focus of this blog to photos (a “flog” I’m told) because NYC is super weird. Anyhow, hope you are well. Also, my friends are having a kid so check out their baby blog.

Naveen/Reena’s Baby.

Feel free to comment on Naveen’s lack of spelling ability.