On my own today doing some reading and serious hammock time. As my electricity was out, I walked into town. Apparently everyone else had the same idea and there was a run on the gelateria near the gas station since they were giving away their soon-to-be useless product.

Later, I asked around to see what the hotspot of the evening would be, only to find Monday is the day to stay in here. “Rum-inflicted injuries,” my friend Mr. Aron said. I walked to The Galley for curry and lime juice and noticed staying in meant watching TV as loudly as possible. Apparently there is an audience for The Showbiz Show. A little eavesdropping reveals everyone here still remembers Hurricane Iris and the devastation she brought a few years ago. A friends seafront bar went completely into the water where now only a crooked stump protrudes from the water. I ate while watching a pickup soccer game, paid the bill, and went home.

I’ve had an amazing time but its time to trade my borrowed life back for my own.