Definitely an interesting place. If you spend most of your time away from the Red Light district and actually try to hang out with the Dutch, you’ll find that a) They are happy to get you where your going but b) Don’t wish to converse with you if you’re not Dutch and c) the food sucks. Aside from that, the place is a liberal wet dream – bicycles have the same rights as cars, there is free repair everywhere, social programs abound, everyone seems pretty happy and well adjusted and people don’t sweat details too much. They’re pretty chilled out folks in general and seem to worry about the important things.

Although sometimes I wonder if they’re not so “left they become right”, as in the limited number of ATM’s in town, which I suspect is designed to curb spending. Anyhow, there is good ethnic food and it was great to see my friends who have been living there for over a year now.

Something no one ever seems to mention is that the city itself is very beautiful, especially the canals and also especially at night. Well worth a visit.

(Image is from an Absinthe bar. The flames are burning sugar cubes. No you do not see green fairies, that’s only if its made wrong. You feel tipsy and slightly alert – same effect as Irish Coffee.)