I met my friend Nels today for a few drinks and he suggested we get haircuts together. Not sure why, but I trust the process. We got clipped at a punkrock hair place and I have to say it went okay. I was a little concerned but some sort of minty spray put my scalp at ease. Now that I think about it, drinking and haircuts are not the best combination.

In other news, I’ve seen every museum in the city (except the Museum of Flight) and as a result have spent my time recently playing cards. In the last 36 hours, I’ve taken $500 out of one card room. There’s a good story about how I almost won $7000 on a bad beat jackpot but it involves hand gestures. Also, I didn’t win it.

I’m not sure why I’m leaving. Tomorrow, back to The Chi and real life. In a week after that, off to Europe. How I get to do this, I have no idea.