Back in Seattle, I spent the day wandering around town. A catalog of the day:

– Took Sam’s car for oil change

– Saw the Experience Music Project, which is a museum of music. Fun concept but it turns out sort of sterile and makes even something as recent as grunge into a curiosity to be marveled at by suburbanites.

– Next door to that is the Science Fiction Museum, which was even dorkier than I thought. I can’t belive this place exists, much less separates exhibits into Weapons, Mars, Robots, Fact vs Fiction, Hot Scifi Babes, etc. I felt alternately very superior to the other attendees and embarassingly excited at some of the exhibits. (Dude, they had Tweeky from Buck Rogers)

– Next door to that is the Space Needle, which is a great view of the city and worth about 15 minutes of your time.

– Downtown is the Pike Place Market which is where the fabled fish throwers work and there are lots of vendors selling natural “medicines”, macrame, cloth tote bags, organic foods, and yak-wool sweaters. This place has a ton of hippies but they’re somehow less offensive than those in SF or elsewhere.

– More wandering.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do more of this kind of stuff and visit the graves of famous people.